Community Engagement

The Green Riyadh events aim to activate the role of community engagement, which is one of the strategic enablers of the program. This is achieved through the design and implementation of interactive initiatives aimed at involving the local community in Riyadh City. The ultimate goal is to enhance the sustainability of environmental behavior and improve the quality of life.

The future vision of Riyadh city to be one of the most livable cities around the world.


Green Riyadh Visitor Center (Coming soon)

Education Program (Coming Soon)

Engaging future generations on the topics of urban greening early on; is a great opportunity to shape their behavior towards green landscapes as well as instill a sense of responsibility and accountability when it comes to preserving and creating green spaces.

Green Riyadh Educational Program goals:

Foster a youth community about the significance of urban forestry in conserving and nurturing the local environment

Building a conscious generation for environmental sustainability

Promoting an active cooperative community to create a vibrant and lively society

Green Riyadh Education program themes:

Introducing innovative ideas for
outdoor sports in gardens.


Introduce smart ideas to reduce the consumption of materials used in simple and low-cost agriculture through Green Riyadh platform.


competition among social media influencers to plant the largest number of trees.